The Shadow Man

Written by: Rosie La Puma

If you’re ever passing Auburn Street
Find him if you can
Though he is not invisible,
He is the shadow man

Eyes avert his corner perch
And voices thin and drop
Paces quicken at his sight
And no one ever stops

The shadow whispers, “help me”
But it never hits their ears
Sound hovers for a moment
Before realizing no one hears

“I’m busy,” “Didn’t see you,”
“I have no change,”  “I’m late!”
Sun setting on an empty hat
The shadow bears his fate

But one small hand
Holds out a dime
“You’ve got no coins sir,
Please, take mine,”

The child skips away from the practiced
“God Bless You”
Back to the life Shadow once had,
Young conscience clean and true 

The Shadow’s scars will never mend
And hunger takes its toll
But with the dime clutched in his hand
The shadow heals his soul