Written by: Anthony Amero

I’ll give you a hand in just a few
Crap, I forgot your bar b que
Why am I so tired, what’s the date
Time for the basement where I gravitate
 	… Weed

I’d look for a job, if only I could
Getting off my ass is something I should
Mary Jane your siren sings so strong
And for years you have strung me along
	… Weed

Just one puff and the illusion is euphoric
Truth is just a hunt for empty caloric
Never a friend yet my crutch for years
Your cost is measured in all those bitter tears
	… Weed

Walking tall, no crutch for aide
Making up and repairing each bed I’ve made
Love/hate game I played for my fix
Good-bye Mary Jane: no more of your tricks
	… no more need