Never Under Estimate Your Adversaries

Written by: Danny Nunn

In any law school, it is the first lesson taught
And not one of us should ever forget
A man with his hands tied, can still kick you on the chin
The bigger they are, the harder they fall cannot be forgot
Sometimes a long shot is the best bet
A sure thing is not always a sure win

The down and out with a prayer, is a super human
Don't judge a book by it's cover, it needs to be read
The rich will live high, in tough times will not survive
A wounded animal is no match for any man
Before you sleep, make sure you know your bed
That is if you want to stay alive

A barking dog is loud, the under dog has a fatal bite
When the weak get strong, the strong get weak
Blow hards are always full of hot air
And not left standing at the end of a honest fight
A body with no soul, has no mercy to seek
Much less any kind of prayer

Beaten, nailed to a cross, then rose from the dead
So that one day he will save us all
Wears the crown of crowns on his head
He can cure all of Satan's conspiracies
If you don't listen, you will take the fall
Never under estimate your adversaries