This Most Auspicious Day

Written by: Andrea Dietrich

This most auspicious day, in any given year,
comes with blushing hue of dawn when that brilliant sphere
which sets a trenchant course so earth won’t go astray
shows us its abounding span of light, for midway
through our planet’s cycle, June’s Solstice time is near. . . 

Winter left me feeling hollow, but I now can hear
trills of birds, smell lilac, and see the sky more clear.
And it’s in the warmth of sun that I wish to stay
this most auspicious day!

Blooming like a sunflower, radiating cheer,
I’m in my element when summer months appear.
The sun beneath my skin ignites desire to play.
Who can think of labor when lust for life gains sway?
Time to shine in Zenith sun is time I hold dear. . .
this most auspicious day.

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