Written by: ayo okpaku


As the night gives way to the dawn
 I put my hands akimbo and strolled across the lawn
From all indications I looked like a prawn

I guess I’m being hated 
With rains of abuses everyday I’m being bated
Oh! I never wished to have a taste of life’s stress
Sweet are the memories empty bottles cluster the 
sinks and upon the chair sit your newest dress

I’m being cursed and crushed everyday
And not even a chance to say it’s a great day
Sometimes I see myself clouded with haze
I think I’m in heaven and cold hear the angels praise.

Though I may have done something’s bad
And when I’m being scolded I get so mad
And in the end I get so sad.

One thing I would like to prove though
Is that I’m being wronged
I don’t know if I was dead I would ever be mourned.

I’m a man and I have to stand among all
Even in society and style I have to stand out tall
Not to see my family name fall
For once I think I need to be Peter and not Paul.