The Maiden and The Blue Rose

Written by: Jeralynn Clark

The Maiden and The Blue Rose

There are no roses in shades of blue
But dare I say this is not true.
Maiden pure with silken skin
Awaits her Captain's home return

She waite on docks from morn till night
Her widow walk was lit with light.
She barely slept, she twisted hair,
She watched from hills for just one flare.

Her Captain's ship coming into shore
For his last trip, home evermore.
Their life together now begins
Two hearts promised, two lives entwined.

The Mariner's Ferry made the port
With frantic news to report.
Alas we couldn't do a thing..
We lost her in the turbulent wind.

The Maiden wept knees to the floor
“Oh, the Rose she cried in horror.
Her love now lost at sea to blame.
The “Blue Rose” sunken long lives her name.