Good-by Blues

Written by: Karla Null

The tears fell on my pillow,
as I clinched the flower tight.
The meaning of the color
would keep me awake tonight.

I found the single flower
as I walked through the door.
It had fallen off the table
and, was laying on the floor.

I bent down to retrieve it and
the sweet scent filled my nose.
I held it tenderly, admiring the,
beautiful color of the rose.

A letter from my love was 
sitting on a table close by.
I picked it up joyously, to read
words, that would make me cry.

It seems, that he didn't love me  
words that he said weren't true.
The rose was only a reminder,
that's why the color was blue.

No red, to say he loved me
Not pink that's for a sweetheart,
Nor yellow for the jealous lover
Blue, forever we would be apart.

Thorns pierce my fingers as the
petals wilt within my hand. 
Good-by my precious blue rose,
I'm moving on, you understand.

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