The Babysitter

Written by: Jeralynn Clark

The Babysitter

Little Patti Mouse
Use to come into my house
And Mom and Dad would leave
And Patti would be mean.

She was the babysitter.
We couldn't do a thing.
We couldn't get a drink
Or go out on the swings.

We had to eat our supper
And nothing after that.
“But Mommy let's us have a treat.”
“Get your jammies on you brat.”

We didn't like Fat Patti
As a mouse she was a rat.
She gave us only one saltine
That had to be our snack.

We looked round at each other
Five sister and two brothers.
“We have to nip this in the bud”
Should we tell our Mother?

Instead the little seven mice
went sneaking to the door.
“ Here kitty kitty, kitty kitty,
Come play upon the floor.”

“Miss Fatti Patti, Miss Fatti Patti!”
Storming to the door...
“You little brats what are you doing?”
Fatti Patti was no more...