A face

Written by: rinki nandy

A face so innocent i have never seen, 
see a wait in them, with eyes so keen, 
lips forming a curve with no sheen, 
shows a world, i have never been.
Life played a game with you, you don't know, 
a smile to this world which you don't owe.
Hoping nothing and looking dazed, 
don't know why their eyebrows, they raised! 
what caused the sorrow which can't be erased? 
Is there a reason that you are still living? , 
can tell from those eyes, 
won't take much to get you forgiving.
You are at ease and you have made peace, 
nothing matters as long as you believe, 
only isolation can let you relieve, 
the negativity caused from grieve.
I couldn't help but analyze, 
only that face made me realize, 
that there is escape in disguise.