Contest Madness

Written by: Gail Blakeley

I brazenly came on this site,
I wrote and wrote with all my might.

I clicked a button that said contest,
"Sure, stick me in there", I'll do my best.
Maybe I'll win a big, fat pizza for my story,
instead, their offering something called a Glory.

Now I see I'm in big trouble,
what's an Ethere, or even double ?

Who the heck is Rondle ?
My second sister's name is  Rhonda...?
I think this will be just like hell. 
right now I wear out the comma.

What's a form ?
Whose on first ?
What's the norm ?
I think I'll burst !

Pass me some of that medical marijuana,
I really think I want my Momma !

This ole' dawg may never learn,
that doesn't mean I won't return.

"I don't know ", I hit a lot,
wish I knew just what was what.