Broken and Confused

Written by: Jasmine Whipps

Broken and confused
I left my heart in your hands
Do whatever you please
Just don't step on it again
It's still healing from past relationships
Stilll taking its time
Falling in love again
So don't feed it lies
That will make it believe stronger
Don't feed it love
Because it'll only increase its hunger
To live off of love
Surely not heart felt
Broken and confused
I came to you
The only person I knew
That loved me for me
Yet you fed me lies 
And gave impure love to my heart
You caused me 
To feel this way
Something I'd never felt before 
Is this love or just pain
Seems like everytime I think of you
And what used to be.
Can't believe we said our goodbyes 
About a year ago
Living without you is hard
But with you is tougher
Than I ever imagined
Broken and confused