Things I hate with a firey passion

Written by: Jessica Bowie

 1.Abortion, and the people who perform encorage and have them.After just a few weeks a 
baby has a heart beat and internal organs are devoloping.

2.Child Abuse,  Only a very weak person can hurt a child.

3.Sex offenders,castrate, sew em shut , sterilize em all then throw em in prison.

4.Liars! especially People who lie about things that could really screw up someones life.

5.Thieves, Stealing is just wrong. It can really screw up peoples financial wellbeing.

6.Pregneant woman who dont take proper care of themselves ,or do risky things.

7.People who walk out on there kids or dont take care of them.

8.People who take advantage of others...I hate when someone uses a good person cause 
there a weak target...just hate it!

9.Cheaters, theres just no excuse,None!...if it sucks that bad leave em...or at least talk to 
em about it.

10.Prostitution and solicting sex

Bottom line is I Hate Morally corrupt things!