Thank You, Hiroshima

Written by: Munir Mezyed

Thank you… Hiroshima...! 
You let all the masks fall, 
The ugly faces we have 

O Hiroshima, 
You are flocks of dead sparrows, 
Spreading from earth to heaven... 
You are our biggest defeat 
That is embellished 
With shame and disgrace… 

We are killed 
before we try to kill you… 
Our souls are cold, 
Covered with mold and mist … 
So, will your fire be able to warm them up…?! 

O Hiroshima, 
We crave to slay dreams, 
Sparrows and melodies… 
But your suckling grass, 
Dews and flowers 
Defeat us... 

O Hiroshima, 
In whirlwinds 
Ghosts dance over the tombs, 
Droning the sound of death.. 

O Hiroshima...! 
Music of death is still playing 
In our streets, 
Our cities that are replete with death, 
And intoxicated with hunger... 

Lucky are the dead; 
They forget the bitterness of memory…   
Yet, I try to forget but to no avail… 
Could I ever be able to delete Hiroshima 
From my memory 
Whilst every city might become Hiroshima