Understanding Part 2

Written by: DIVINE LIFE

Did you ever understood why I leave the  light on during the night?
Not because of the emptiness that surrounds me but what darkness truly look like. 
Did you ever understood my dreams,my desires,& my fears?  
Being someone, changing the history of this world. 
Knowing when my time is up, I know I did something you would be proud of. 
Sometimes I sit in class thinking where is my light? when I get to shine will I be ready to 
face the crowd by myself?  
Did you ever thought you knew me and was disspointed finding out you didn't? 
To tell you  the secret I don't know either. I can't find the fault in you or me on this 
subject. Well did you? When you find the true answers to these question? Will you turn 
around and tell me what do you see.