Last Will

Written by: marianne lim

Dear Family and Friends, 
	My life had just ended as you all know. It was hard for me to keep a living image 
of me when my body is dead. Forever I will remember. Life had just begun and now it’s the 
time to end.
	Life was too complicated for me to withstand. Even for the ones I didn’t mean for 
them to suffer. My past was a present. The present is now a nightmare. The future is now 
forgotten. Day and night I suffer with the same pain I feel everyday.
	Whoever suffered along with me I am very deeply sorry .My life was filled with 
gifts and precious people but now I am empty with nothing at all.
	I do not wish to agonize others with my pain and suffering. The greatest debt I 
would owe everyone is my life. I have died to keep you safe and most of all happy. Thank 
you everyone for everything that I shouldn’t possibly deserve. I will always watch over 
everyone no matter what happens.