Last Words

Written by: marianne lim

You and your friends are the main characters
I am just a camera man recording the moments
You people loved and cared for each other but me

Today was a day to rejoice at the familiar park
I would love to remember my one last day
Great memories were cherished and kept

The sandbox was walked on with my final print
Leaving me behind in the back, alone was enough
I walk along to the streets, still recording

The first time I hear your voice calling my name
Screaming at me to move away now
I turn to see and so my whole life ended

Was it tears of joy or sadness?
I am long gone; there is no need to shed a tear
The place I lay is now my home

The friends are heartbroken, but why?
I gave too much pain in life
People should be happy now
You gather at my memorial
You say your prayers and wishes to me
I will not be able to stand by you

I watch in silence from a new home
I weep until the last person leaves
The only tears I have shed for everyone

People gather to watch the video
The memories and the pain
Again there were more tears

Others walked away from the beginning
The people who stayed were there to the end
I see myself holding the new camera

I leave the camera pointed to someone special
She was always a great friend to me
We shared our memories and secrets

Her name is on thing I can’t say
She changed my life and how I see it
I called her my best friend

The memories we both experienced were forgotten
She left me old and made new friends
I believed in fantasy not reality

The warm smile changed to a normal smile
The way I think of her has also changed
I have a secret, but will you listen

At the end, you realized I wasn’t important
But when I was by your side I was your friend
How things change during a couple of years

I have forgotten friendship
I have forgotten love
One thing I won’t forget is my last word: goodbye