Written by: Marycile Beer

It has been a long time 
Since I put paper to pen
Maybe I should revise it'
And then start again.

What happened to the pencil
How did the pen win
Was it actually paper
Or papyrus back then

My new glasses
Aren't helping too well
Or is it the brain
That helps me spell

I know my cowboys
Have a tough job 
But thays ain't been ta school 
So youse jist brushes 'er off

I really am confused
For the rain has shut me in
With the slime where I live
You'd think it were winter and iced in again

I'll cancel my readings 
And try to eat less
Until the roads aren't such a mess
And I can get out without all this disaster

My computer is out in the car
The mud is so slick I can't get that far 
So the only thing I can do
Is just put it on paper and save it for you