Written by: laura Hew

I am but a tiny sapling
Growing on the side of the mountain
Freshly breaking new ground, hopeful for the warm embrace of the eastern sun
At first I was a seedling that rode from the western winds of a hurricane
My face dripped from Sea Breeze, like tears of joy
I got swept away, I flew
Higher than Hot Air Balloons 
That are gigantic floating Chinese lanterns whose mouths are fuelled by a tongues ablaze 
I Ride on the backs of Geese 
Their steel like apparatus wings catches the prevailing winds
I nestle myself amongst the bed of sweet grasses
I lay awake at night listening to the howling wolves
Who cry for their unrequited lovers, they are four legged Shakespearean Artists.
I feel the cool trickle of the neighbor Glacier Lake that nourishes me, what the perfect welcoming 
I am but a tiny sapling
Growing on the side of a mountain
Watch in awe as I grow magnificiently