Written by: Ameh Comrade Godwin

My earth, my mother!

You wrapped your self

In the vesture of selfless eyes

I dub you it divine,

In your comity letter

To the green mountains

And scars in the mug of the ocean

I heard your voice

Far from my mother’s womb

In the splendid beauty of your hearth

The grasses grow
To uphold it

They disguised you

From your creator’s face

At their first plump in Eden

My earth, my mother!

They tempted you like a rhino


Your bald pate,

…Mélange of green hazels

Our groceries,

You spewed on us

A zephyr of honor;

You marched, a colossal

Bearing both bodies in arms

The good, the bad, the ugly;

My earth, my mother!

Your red card

Dethroned the Old Nick

He lopped your efforts

And called it a mad man’s snack

On your beauty he bestowed

An utter disdain,


My earth, my mother

At the heavens’ tears

You heaves out you green talents;

A shade upon our noggins

I am clear in your mind,

You silent voice

Shall make man melt away

As they prepared me

To live in a painful pleasure