Written by: Ameh Comrade Godwin

And the rain of terror shall churn out

Of the deepest part of earth

Accompanied with terrible roar

Spreading a universal famine

On this desolate street of Enwuncho

Awaiting the coming kingdom


And the old serpent shall emerge from Eden

Swindling his cliques

Dissipating their time

Filling the world with

Painful pleasure

A decade of horrendous pains

…And when all these is fulfilled

Earth will be no more

The flying eagle

Shall dispatch the vials of odour

Conquering to conquer
For how long

Will the remains

Worship the beast of many eyes?

On the throne of jasper and sardine

With a golden jagged rapier of vengeance

Inflicting the earth with endless pestilences

Tthe merchant harlot of the earth

Shall perish with the queen of Babylon

And even the scarlet women too

For daring the blood of saints and the prophets

And the silent earth

Shall sing the strange song of the Syrian’s soldiers  

Wreaked with chronic yaws

To this

The mentor of the universe

Shall pour out the vials of wrath

Setting the blind beasts on errand

In search of blood

Surely the revelation shall fulfilled

When the slumbering saints shall rise

While the unjust shall savour the flames of hell

For thy kingdom is come