Science in Flatland

Written by: ahellas Alixopulos

You, a scientist
with a poet's heart,
and I a poet,
with a love of science,
approach the unknown
like blind men to
an elephant.
We both know it is there.
We've each touched it
It teases and tantalizes,
as it did today, 
when each called the other,
with the same insights, 
and finished each others
Can we track it down
like dark matter?
This has no universal
boundaries from which
to gain a sum.
Can we analyze it's symptoms?
Rise above it 
like Flatland.
Map it? Chart it's moves?
Explore it's topography
with insensitive hands?
Where's it's trunk?
Where's it's tale?
Are we idiots going over
old ground?
Are we touched?
We know it's out there
because we both rode 
the beast when
we least expected it,
and backed away,
when it began to show
it's face.