Eyes Glued Shut

Written by: Alan Reed

Droplets redder than Beaujolais 
Speckled the new bone-white carpet 
And glued the eyes wider shut 

Froth does not cloak the glass shards 
larger than silver dollars 
Each sharper than a lions prong 

Piercing and tearing soft tissue 
It might as well have been my heart 

I thought she was my haven, sanctuary 
Refuge from evil gods and sometimes from good 
Who was I to trust? 

It melts in your mouth 
yet leaves a sour after-taste 

One times two 
And two times three 
Shame and more shame on me 

Damn Fool 

Stare at those stitches 
And the bare muscles exposed 
I smile and grimace 

She says they were self inflicted 
Maybe they were 
And maybe they were not 

She used to have a name 
It used to be Elena 
Now she has none 

She used to have a face 
Now she has none 
As she was -- she is gone 

Bye her – hello tiny bubbles