Written by: rinki nandy

I bring humor in their lives,
cause them superior and their smiles,
i tell them them i got only four,
lead them to a laughter with uproar,
only my pocket had a core,
clothes and shoes galore,
inquisitive minds question.... 
where i got i from?,
where i hear it from?, 
where i learn it from?,
they know not... where i come from,
minds have...
curiosity captured,
purity fractured,
reality ignored,
entity forced,
ignorance occupied,
faith ruptured,
arrogance crowned,
innocence frowned,
distress clowned,
I drowned,
on empty grounds,
compassion found,
show me your colors,
know no bounds,
mockery and denial,
misery and survival,
funny and laughable,
crazy and loveable,
ready and available
foolish and palpable,
humorous and humor-able,
quiet and unspeakable,
misty eyes so conveyable,
a humor so unable.