Written by: rinki nandy

I feel possessed, 
i am obsessed, 
my soul undressed, 
i confessed.
No one but you, 
nice to know you, 
if only you would hear when i say i love you.
Before you i knew no magic, 
now i feel my life so tragic.
Why is it that some people attract us, 
such a brilliant force which grabs us.
I find no joy in your absence, 
i can be still forever in your presence.
Why is it that you captured my soul and mind, 
only you can bring me some peace and rhyme.
I try to tell them i am not insane, 
and this isn't just a phase in the rain.
No one does but me, 
with me forever you will be.
We think so alike, 
you make my heart fly like a kite.
I feel strange about this entire episode, 
empty memories are all i load, 
“all happens for a reason” i heard, 
you flew away like a bird.
My imagination ran wild, 
this plastic world made me rile, 
and i wonder...
only a picture can change my profile, 
what damage reality can do to my mind! 
Oh God! my emotions forming a concoction, 
am i the only one who feels the connection? 
i don't want to follow and fly away like you did, 
i only feel hollow and my soul connec-ted.

Rinki Nandy
(This is about my inspiration from Michael Jackson)