Bitter Sweet Reality - E

Written by: Emm 'n Ashe Lemons

Bitter sweet reality 
The perfect metaphor for you and me 
Stealing every breathe I breathe 
My soul still dances the way u taught me 
And as hard as I try to stand still 
There is still that strong urge, that powerful will 
To get up and run and jump in the air 
To let wind fight as I take on this dare 
Because you showed me how to move without care 
The desire is strong 
And it wont be long, 
Till I hunt you down 
And let you take over my soul 
You move my spirit and shake it to madness 
I deny the feeling but it takes me to happiness 

And when I let you go 
Ill hate you again 
Then want you back 
To call u my friend 
Until then 
ill look all around 
for you to help me move my feet 
with the beat of the sound