The Night The Moon Fell

Written by: Alan Reed

The night moon bows to sheer degree 
Passing through an arching tree 
Branches together shape a breach 
Form a portico - it to reach 

A precisely finished border 
Drifted in natural order 
Light bulb sans elongated stem 
An hourglass made to diadem 

I had been waiting for hours 
The night too for its fine flowers 
And for the essence each distends 
Natural stage the arch portends 

Lilac scent and other delights 
Often touch on soft breezy nights 
Their creation so appeasing 
Affect comfortably pleasing 

Never to see I must append 
When next falls’ moon makes its bend 
The trees swell in each later year 
Cede consent to natural veer 

Never there be a midnight call 
The night the moon made this grand fall 
Sit out no matter what they say 
Watch and smell the revered archway