while you are alive!

Written by: rinki nandy

do you cry inside when i smile?,
does your heart try to hide?,
or subside,
feelings of jealousy and hatred overrides,
when you know i am happy,
and your rules i don't abide,
you see i have earned this smile,
you know i am gloomy and i cry,
you see i have earned this life,
you know i was once denied,
you see i have earned this language,
you see my inability to write,
i see you made fun, 
i know my faults you highlight,
i see you would shun,
i know you know i am right,
i see you call me different,
i know your faces and eyes,
i hear you shout i pay rent,
i know my mind traces and defies,
the sorrow your heart finds,
to be kicked in those minds.
Thought i you a friend,
bought i your trends,
sought i this ends,
ought you to pretend,
caught you denying your errands,
thought i this road bends.
Can't nobody smile, or display there joy outside,
Can't  nobody hide, you blow your trumpet and confide,
can't nobody buy, you broke and broken with venom inside,
can't nobody reveal, you conceal and seal and wear disguise,
can't nobody be negative, your positive mind cries,
can't nobody question, your mouth verifies,
don't you know a solution?, before the poison destroys,
your agonies finish you while you are alive.