Going my way

Written by: Nicole King

For such a while, there I stood,
Wandering along the path of hell.
Life tore me to bits and pieces,
Tears fell like pouring rain.

As my blood spilled,
There you stood,
Took my hand and led me away,
Took me away to perfection.

Never before had I believed,
Heaven could be on Earth.
Now I know there is no Hell,
No Heaven you go to when you die.

Life is what you make it.
Take what is handed to you,
Forget what is thrown in your face.
Live your life; not your death.

He was handed to me by fate.
Gave me his heart,
I handed him mine.
He put everything together again.

My life a puzzle,
Unfinished without him.
And now he shall take me away,
From this hell I call my home.

Everything is going my way,
Having him by my side,
As I run away to daddy’s arms,
Which by the way, are open wide.

Finally things go my way,
And I can live my life,
Instead of wishing to live my death,
And always living by the knife.