Why Not Pot ~ =_?

Written by: Mitch White

All my friends really love their pot
You ask them why, they say why not
They sure do laugh and giggle a lot
Worrying that they might get caught

"It never did kill anyone", says Scott
Points to his head, thumb half cocked
Yells out "BANG" and does a flop
Gets back up and eats a Tater Tot

They go into panic whenever there's a cop
Hide their bag of weed and pipe in their sock
Go over their story's in case their stopped
Possession charges are hard to get dropped

Legalization would really rock
All the other States would begin to talk
Smoking pot shouldn't equal a cell block
Let the real criminals caught, sit and rot

Alaska legalized it, have you forgot?
It didn't cause a problems at Woodstock
I think we ought to give it a shot
Food for thought people, remember Scott?