bad day

Written by: ronnie dolph

I'm staring at this blank page
about to litter and fill it full of rage
i need to get this off my chest
give me a piece of mind so i can finally rest
can you all hear as i scream at this screen
clenching my fists until my knuckles bleed
worthless is that what it is
making something out of nothing
just to get a rise,making others pissed
should i take it all in, add you to my list
there was no need to even bring it to this point
you pulled the finale straw 
there was no need to pull the first one
ignorant is that what you are
you wouldn't think you had a head on your shoulders
and a brain in your skull
I'm so sick of it
ready to get rid of it
I'm at my boiling point 
ready to forget it
leave it
burn it 
torch it
I'm done with it!!!!!!1