Autumn the wanderer

Written by: Rauwolfia van Raaij

Dead leaves are all you left behind
To break beneath my feet,
I hate to see you leave this land
Now banished by defeat.

A wanderer you have become
A wounded creature gold,
You leave red blood and bits of soul
A pathway for the cold.

You stumble on the roads of life
Each year we meet again,
And passing by you take my hand
And touch my heart with pain.

Old memories come back to me
Of years before the war,
The days before you fought the cold 
And taught the winds to soar.

You were my friend, we danced each day
And laughed in storms of flame,
I heard you cry each starlit night
Until the winter came.

One morning when I called to you
You did not answer back,
I searched for you all through that day
Until the sky was black.

Then just as stars begun to rise
Upon a field of frost,
I found a puddle of your blood
And knew that you had lost.