EYES 666 666 Was Vaporized true story

Written by: Danny Nunn

Several years back, I was living and working with a woman
She did not have a halo but was decent
I was not perfect but love the Lord
I know what a witch can do to a man
In this case all of her demons were sent
Makes a man want to jump over board

To make a long story short, Devil Eyes had a surprise
While we were together, got on cocaine and a witch's band
When she was high, she talked to much
That is where she met her demise
Made the old witch mad, could not have such
When mad she does strange thing you must understand

I got news from my daughter that I had not heard from in years
A major publisher for my book on a national level
EYES and I broke up and she took the news to the witch
Then tried to fill me with years of fears
And jumped up the Old Devil
When angry she can do a switch

They tried to send me to prison, Devil Eyes mouth set me free
The witch moved her to South Texas for her so called protection
They took her deep sea fishing, for a boat ride
The devil's gang raped her for hours, got her high at sea
The witch leaves no clues for later detection
Afterwards it was not a pretty ride

Ten miles out, dark might with no moon in the sky
They poured barrels of blood in the water
Waited for the sharks to arrive, hungry for the smell
Sober by now, the witch laughed and showed no mercy
They threw her over board into the deep water
Died in the witch's living Hell

Turned the lights out and slowly drifted away
Loud screams were made, no one heard a thing
Not a clue was found of Devil Eyes
And the Devil's people had their play
And all the demons did sing
EYES 666 666 was vaporized