Silent Plea

Written by: Karla Null

In America, I think that it's a shame,
that no one wants to take the blame,
for this newest deadly game.
In the mean time, crude oil pumps,
squirting out in huge sticky clumps.

Sandy beaches once bleached white,
filled with "goo" as black as night.
Please, can someone make this right.
Day after day there's more of the spill,
consuming our wild life, after the kill.

Beautiful Ocean, far and wide
in your depths, still mysteries hide.
On your waves, the poison will ride,
to lands that are far away and near,
spreading a murky death, I fear.

Weigh each decision that you make,
find a way to fix this hazardous break,
before we suffer for your mistake.
Too much time has already past,
they say two more months it will last.

Destruction to our Mother Earth,
taking away our right of birth,
throwing crude oil on our mirth.
This is a plea, that the people pray,
stop the spill, not tomorrow but today.

For Team Poetry Soup,  Gulf Oil Spill contest