Smile Once Again

Written by: Alan Reed

If I could see your heart smile once again 
Colors would return 
to my life in pen 
Sanction my karma as patina 
to the Golden Hen 
And join nature’s orchestra 
as its fife in the fen 

I would see the stars 
much more grandiose 
And demand the sweetest 
flowers go unpicked 
I would not let 
my hubris get in the way 
To an end that only 
tragic flaws can predict 

We would clasp 
the enchantment 
surrounding us, 
never wishing 
the world away 
Saying little 
but talking a lot 
A higher authority 
presenting the dharmic way 

As two sweet peas 
in the glen 
Never let life 
take on the 
flavor of cayenne 
Or become the voice 
of the herdsmen 
Let that smile stay 
Never a fib 
I will say - 
and enjoy peace once again