The Colors of Buddha

Written by: Alan Reed

Oh Lord Buddha relic of art 
Wise man of clairvoyant awareness 
Your charge is to discover your rareness 
Give yourself to it with all of your heart 

You have images and colors for each day of the week 
And the day you were born is a color unique 
This Sunday is the Day of the St. Valentine 
Will you wear red or that of Capitoline 

Sunday’s red tone could suggest suffering 
And Monday’s cream dispelling our fear 
Tuesday’s pink means Nirvana is near 
Wednesday’s green respects each living thing 

Thursday’s orange indicates meditation 
Friday’s blue - thoughtful contemplation 
Saturday’s black or purple is for protection 
For all Buddha’s people colors impel transmigration 

When were you born? - a Buddhist will ask 
Meaning the day of the week is your task 
You will be colored by the day you were conceived 
Have we ever asked what Buddha believed?