Across our Savanna

Written by: Michael Jordan

From shore to shore coast to coast
We’re the nation with the most

The most of what well lets just see
We lead in infidelity

We lead in sin that is for sure
Pay on Sunday is the cure

I think about our Countries plight
Seems like we have lost all sight

We’re founded in the name of God
Best not be the lightening rod

When lightening strikes it is no joke
Some bears weren’t meant to poke

We poke God every single day
Have no doubt that we will pay

We can’t just mold and bend his word
Expect our prayers to be heard

Forgive me Lord for I have sinned
Words cast out unto the wind

It’s best to live the words you pray
Walking the walk as they say

The Lord gives he can take away
Listen to these words I say

Like monkeys swinging from the trees
We keep doing as we please

One day across our Savanna
Yes, we have no bananas

My punch line is, "Yes, we have no bananas."
All I can say is I tried.