Going Home

Written by: Alan Reed

The rain appeared, arctic 
Spattered the duck board 
As angry pellets flinched 
And recoiled 

Boathouse dank, bleak 
Galley proofing transpire 
Moist and humid 
With sense of Frangelico 
And bitter almonds 

The sord chattered 
With new fervor 
And feeders sojourned 
Past darkled dawn 

Composition turned to 
Place in basket 
Not to collate 

Wits and writer’s block 
Onset of migraine 
With visual disturbance 
And sorrow 

Write of grief 
She is not coming back 
Time heals 
Do not die 

Spring frontward 
Go home 

Sun is aching to flicker 
Drop downbeat design 
Bloom buds of dreams