Written by: Andi Abderrahmane

Sunny beautiful day
Perfect for the tiny white cloud’s stroll 

Out it went the vast skies soaring
Gentle breezes indifferently surfing
Tellurians from burning beams shielding
Like a mother her child protecting

Down on rostrums foxes standing
Cunningly their speeches delivering
Their most vicious words speaking
Deadly venomous thoughts spreading

The world indiscriminately rumpling
Wrecks and shambles behind leaving
Innocence, equity, forever routing
Wretched zestless zombies listening

Wage tethered minds in decadence indulging
Black in anger the white cloud’s face turning
Wrath in deluge on earthlings pouring
At cleansing souls candidly aiming

More to the piteous misery adding.
More modern slaves thus generating.