Written by: Sena Slaughter

Darkness lies in silence, an ethereal stillness therein,
A wave of fear flows through you, you start to shiver within;
Your heart it beats so crazy, you cannot stop it from its fright,
From all the things imagined, that might go bump in the night.

So you start to wonder, is it just your imagination running wild? 
Then you hear a twig snap, and you revert back to a child;
all the fear within you, escalates beyond your control,
and so you start to run, yet it seems you run so slow!

All the while behind you, something's on your trail,
You lumber on in the madness, of your own created hell;
Every branch on every tree, seems to come to life,
They reach for you with bony fingers, into your soul they slice!

Suddenly the day breaks, the darkness fades away,
You see the trees for what they are, as their branches gently sway;
Then you laugh at yourself, for all the fright you felt,
As you follow the path before you, and your fear begins to melt!