Alive in Vermont

Written by: Laura Mckenzie

Past the acquainted soiled city streets -
At last I arrived miles away from home 
To my eyes a fabulous remote pasture of olive green
Along the strains of hills and valleys
Pristine mountaintops utter with butterfly breath
A greeting of lemon daisy waved gently in the warm air  
I can feel the beads of sweat following my hairline-
Sticky summer has adorned the landscape-
With pesky bugs that I repeatedly swat away
As I approach the dusty stairs of country store- 
The ice-cold coke machine salutes me 
The ever-fiery children rushing to the ice cream freezer
With left over grins and candy apple faces 
The young boys panting dog waits outside the store-
In hopes of that drop of ice cream that may pass his way
Rustling courageous dragon flies, with cobalt blue wings-
Diving in for a close up in risk of a blow to his defeat
Along the road I go with burnt sienna barns tilted to one side-
As tattered as it stands it’s filled with character and charm 
“Antiques for sale” signs posted in a multitude of places tempting to the eye 
Journeying in the wind someone’s summer attire on a clothesline
And the aromatic pine trees that stand established like soldiers- 
As though they were cleverly eavesdropping 
Now I sigh….
I’ve been to heaven amongst of wafting smells of fresh cut hay-
The wind tickles my hair into my face