Written by: elijah prophet

    when i come into your space, all the pain and touble that i was 
experiencing fades away.  when i gaze upon your radiant beauty i am
    reminded of the beauty that can only be within the palace of nobility and
woven from the finest of silk.

indeed, tender dove you give me so much peace when you encourage me.  when you
  smile i forget about all my misfortunes and i become liken unto a lion at play.
only God Almighty, could have fashion your loving heart and thoughtfulness.

  if there be a raging turbulence upon the shores of my life, i can just think of the 
photo in my mind of your illuminating smile, and a calm and peace cometh upon the
   shores of my life.  you are more sweeter then the pomergranate fruit.  you remind me of
the frankenscent that only rest within the chambers of a princess place.

    laura make a smile for me, because lately a smile from you will chase my blues
away. a smile from, you will cause me to think i did'nt loose.  a smile from you brings
such a sweet and everlasting truth. just for the love of you, thank you Lauraq Smile.