Written by: laura Hew

I'm sick and tired
of apologizing for who I am
whether or not I offended someone,
I don't want to be hated.
it seems as almost as if to be hated
is like being banished to Antartica
where the cold cuts through your bones, such a painful winter

What have I become
like a beaten down dog I
put my head down, slither away from confrontation
I used to be fun...

I used to have spunk.

Compliments have become insincere and wrong
because the way the mirror's light bends across my waist, has become something I hate my self 
doubts blinded my eyes from what's staring me right in my face

This is who I am, I'll grab my shadow from my past before the day when it's entirely gone
I'm going to yank myself up like a marionnette
Hold my head high, and defend my honour from those who try to disgrace it
splash cold water across my face to wash away my cynical beliefs
stare into the looking glass and be proud of me