Written by: Tirzah Conway

It’s such a beautiful day today,
The sun is shining bright;
And all of the trees are blooming,
It’s truly a stunning sight;

All of the birds are singing,
Such glorious melodies;
Even the smells are amazing,
As they drift this way on the breeze;

There are so many new babies around,
Of every different kind;
It is such a gorgeous day outside,
I hate to be confined;

There are fawns playing in the river,
And calves all running around;
The new baby chicks are all chirping,
And scratching around on the ground;

The water is the perfect temperature, 
To go in for a dip;
The weather is so nice outside,
It makes you want to skip!

I wish that I could be outside,
On this resplendent day;
Of all the days to work inside,
Why did it have to be today!