A Dream - A

Written by: Emm 'n Ashe Lemons

I splay on my bed
Twirling strands of hair
I lay and dream
Of what could have been
Of what might be
I dream of what I should've said
What you would've done
The perfect scenes we play parts in
The fights we have
The apologies afterwards
I sit and dream
Of how telling the truth would be
Two scenarios always
The one that scares me
Stops me from telling you it all
The one that pushes me on
The perfect world
Were we end up together
The perfect world
But as I lie there
Floating in my own dreamland
In my perfect world
A part of me knows
Knows that will never be
Knows that never has been
Knows that my perfect world
Is my dream world
And that everything between us
Is just a dream