Cross Road - A

Written by: Emm 'n Ashe Lemons

Once again, we face a cross road
Filled with so many emotions we might just explode
Life seems to be a series of forks in the track
Never able to change our minds, or to turn back
Being chased down the path by time
Haunted by the ticking, by every chime
Time to choose, up or down, left or right
Fueled by our excitement, by our genuine fright
Make a choice, and hold on tight
Because this is it
You can't give up, you can't quit
Run down that dirt road but watch out
You'll face obstacles, challenges, and never-ending doubt
The only thing you can do is to run
Down that path, through every smile and every tear
Go on headstrong, face your ultimate fear
Eyes forward, looking to the horizon
Eyes forward, looking to the future