"No Tomorrow For The Machines"

Written by: Derek Ortiz

You keep staring cold blooded and watch us die because of your creations, if you invented this, safe us, you should know how to kill it, many new machines rising from the graves, dying in catacombs were no loud scream can be heard, asking thousands of questions and killing the answer just for fun, we run from the night catching the day and no hope crawls to us, is warm inside outside is cold but we don't take a step to understand why is it cold, mark my days with tears, drown my eyes in blood, see us kill ourself's with created machines, it hurts so bad that we have brought endless curses with artifacts of the future, now creators wish for good old times, i wonder if that's how god feels, blissless beings coming out of electric pulse, i see clearly 
now, no tomorrow for the machines...