Stay Calm, It is Just A Bomb?

Written by: Danny Nunn

When under attack, they want you to re act
If they don't shake up up, you have let them down
It is the only way To cause you alarm
It drives them crazy and that is  fact
In a way you have run their demons out if Town
Why only last week they were so full of charm

Let them know you have nerves of Jello
"Oh, was that a major earthquake we had yesterday"
"I guess I was so busy I did not feel a thing"
"But thanks for telling me Amigo"
Never fails, always the same old way
Just to dumb to learn, do the same thing

Want to get you upset and to call nine eleven
Make think that there is an emergency here
Maybe even threaten to kill you
"No problem man, cause I am going to Heaven"
"Maybe you have had to much beer"
"But I have often wondered where you would go"

They try to make you think that the world is a lemon
Just need to sit down a have a iced glass of lemonade
Make you think that you are fighting in Vietnam 
But it is them that have a problem with the demon
"Been out in the Sun to long Dude, here sit in the shade"
Just stay calm, it is only a bomb