Nature Walk

Written by: Karla Null

Enter the garden, stop by the gate.
Listen, as a bluebird calls his mate.

Breathe in the potpourri of scent.
Enjoy, this nature walk event.

See the butterfly as he flies by,
making its descent, from on high.

Tissue wings of spotted amber lace,
gliding with deliberate grace.

A perfect rose, wrapped up tight,
spreading open, to your delight.

Awakening from the night gloom,
bursting open, see it bloom.

Beyond lays the forest, oh so dense.
Shroud in mystery, a hint of suspense

Walk the carpet of dampened moss,
sprinkled with a dewy gloss.

Blankets of foliage form a cocoon,
hiding the sunlight of high noon

So many sounds, a rhythmic chorus.
Thirsty earth, drinking, forever porus.

Ahead, a fallen tree in the path, 
victim of a thunderstorm wrath

Finally the trees give way,
bathed I am in the light of day.

Hark, I hear, the distant roar
welcoming in tranqillity, the seashore.

Dunes of sand, with pearly beach.
Lapping waves, within my reach.

Open splendor, in shades of blue, hides, 
the depth of the ocean spilling in tides

Beautiful, alive, magestic to behold
becomes a sepulcher, icy and cold.

The sun so bright, takes a rest.
Sinking, ever so slowly, in the west.

Sounds of nature follow the flight,
across the horizon, into the night.

My Theme was: Listening to Nature