Variation in squares and shackles

Written by: Luminita Stoica

Apart from all the silence, 
And never-ending tolerance; 
Together with a vague shout, 
And without any creeping doubt;
In feeling all the spiky nudges, 
Taking my energy like sponges. 
I am by your side and all’s fair. 
I truly love you and I dare:
From my lips to your honey smile,
Along with baggage in a pile, 
I take thee being so excited; 
I contemplate you quite delighted. 
My words are feeble as my ankles. 
My adoration comes in bundles. 
You whisper sweetness in my mind; 
You are too lovely and too kind. 
I wish for dreams to become real, 
Ponder to rip fantasy’s seal…
Alas, you are departing in slow pace; 
Yet, I could not see your angelic face. 
Perhaps another soporific path 
Would get me to enjoy your divine laugh. 
Maybe a daydream will suffice, 
For me to kiss you at least twice. 
My lashes gently touch each other, 
Hoping this romance would get further. 
The squares in jelly water interchange, 
With shades in an eerie, blue-grey range, 
I am trapped in the open space of fear, 
Solution: I long for you just near. 
However this subconscious game may end, 
Through all the hallways of my inner blend, 
Along comes hesitation and the dance 
Of passing to the next level of chance. 
This road of forbidden wishes cradles 
The vanity of my nothingness veils. 
I am so liberated from my rage, 
But chained, a priori, to this worldly stage. 
You are projection and my camouflage; 
Forever my shackles, prisoner and judge. 
Although you are with me when I’m awake, 
Leave you in dreams I have to, for my sake.