I and You

Written by: sidewalker 1

I of the night-lights that guide and beguile
I of the sun-star, the fire in my soul
I of the moon child, so tender a smile
I of earth mother, my intricate whole

I of the thunder that shakes to my toes
I of the lightening that circuits my being
I of the rains, my life and death flows
I of the storm, that moment of seeing

I of the mothers and daughters of birth
I of the roses, who sing and who weep
I of the golden, of unmeasured worth
I of the maidens, who dance and who sweep

I of the fathers and of their sons
I of the braves and brutes, pillage or flee
I of the doves and I of the guns
I of tree fellers and sowers of seed

I of the springtime, as fertile dreams sprout
I of the summer, repose to my rush
I of the autumn, that moment of doubt
I of the winter, my ponderous hush

I of your eyes, that tear and delight
I of your words, your crass and your art
I of your thoughts, that wander my night
I of your love, your delicate heart